Powerfully Influenced

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and many other social networking sites are perfect for us young adults who want to know what’s going on in the world. Whether it’s Beyoncé, your crush, or your best friend down the street, these social networks can inform you about what’s going on in their life depending on what they want to expose to the world. Social media sites such as Facebook and Myspace and Twitter can also act as a great tool for professionals, these sites help strengthen your marketing skills when it comes to creating small business, building customers and also finding business opportunities.Although these social networking sites can share such wonderful photos, funny videos, strengthen marketing skills or give you updates on people’s everyday life, it also has a negative effects on our young adults and teens. It can create mockery, ridicule, and a developing complex for many young adults. There are various things that negatively influence us young adults. it ranges from fights being recorded in various places which was influenced by a website called “Worldstarhiphop” that displays violence, vulgar, nudity, celebrity gossip and more. Even photos of people being ridiculed, cyber-bullied or mocked on Facebook and Instagram because of their appearance. According to  Larry D. Rosen, PhD, professor of psychology at California State University he stated that teens who use Facebook more often show more narcissistic tendencies while young adults who have a strong Facebook presence show more signs of other psychological disorders, including antisocial behaviors, mania and aggressive tendencies. I guess the question now is, what are some ways we can make the internet a positive and safer place.




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