Social Media Challenge #1

An Rss Site stands for “Rich Site Summary”. Its a feed reader that uses standard web feed formats to publish information like videos, audio, and blog entries. I’ve selected my top 10 Rss sites that focus specifically on the influence that social networking has on our society. I chose these blogs and sites because I feel like they thoroughly explain the negative and positive impacts that it has on our society, which is my blog topic.

1) This blog shares the negative and positives on social media

2) This blog basically talks about how social media allows people to be more social online rather than in person.

3)This blog talks about how strongly social media Influence and Control People’s Lives.

4) Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media on Society

5)Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society?

6)The Permanent Disruption of Social Media

7) Media’s Positive & Negative Influence on Teenagers

8) Social media can influence teens with pro-drug messages

9) The effect that our society has on young adolescents

10) This blog talks about  the upside of selfies & how social media isn’t all bad for kids


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