Should Social Media be put on hold?

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Social media has taken over our entire society. It’s so crazy how we went from attaching letters to pigeons to facetiming and snapchatting people from different parts of the world. Is the influence of social media bad? what do you think? It seems like it has benefits. We have faster communication, easier ways to get in touch with each other, and it’s simple and fun! But then we also have the issue of how technology has officially taken over our lives. If you go outside and look at the people around you, most of them will be on their phones. I can personally say that technology has taken over my life. Im always on my phone. Im either checking the weather forecast, looking at twitter to see what people are doing, or perhaps texting my best friend asking her where she’s at. But maybe that’s our problem. Maybe that’s my problem. Im so hooked on social media  that I’m barely social with my friends and family face to face. HOW IRONIC. Should we spend less time on our social networks even though we get everything we need? Our quickly delivered text messages? Our fast videos being sent to one another on snapchat? Being updated on twitter by our friends and celebs? Should we put this on hold?


3 thoughts on “Should Social Media be put on hold?

  1. This blog post stood out to me because I ask myself that question all the time. How can we really be living if we are out at a restaurant and we are all looking at our cell phones every 10 minutes or even more. I think like you said social media has its benefits – allowing more people to communicate who might not have gotten the chance, as well as creating a sense of community for similar people. But I feel like I am constantly on my phone sometimes, like you said. I want to take a break and put it down and sometimes I make a mental note like thats enough for today. I don’t think we will ever put it on hold but we should realize that sometimes we need to step back and live in reality.


  2. It’s crazy how much of an affect social media has on so many of us. I agree with you in the sense that once you’re connected it’s hard to step away from it. We get so used to getting information on the digital screen that we are beginning to rely less and less on human interaction. I think it’s important for everyone to try to detach themselves every now and then, but I don’t think that we need to get away from it entirely. There’s a lot of good that social media has done for our society and I don’t think that that can be ignored.


  3. Isn’t it crazy how social media gives us that impression that we are “connected” with each other even though we are not really? I think that we are all victims of the “social media effect.” Sometimes I can be so attached to my phone that I’m missing out on the action and activity that is going on around me! This has some positive benefits, but truly we are disconnecting ourselves from society. This is why I’m sort of puzzled in regards to this topic like you! There are good benefits, but then again the negative aspects of social media outweigh the good it seems like.


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