Has Social Media Effected Relationships?

The internet, cell phones, and social media have become the key to the door of many couples!

 Numerous Couples use technology and social media in their everyday lifestyles. They decided over when to use it and when to abstain. A portion of these couples have indulged in technology and social media so much. In result of this, it caused hurtful experiences and failed relationships. At the same time, some couples find that digital tools facilitate communication and support. A majority of those in couples maintain their own separate email and social media accounts, though a smaller number have stated that they have been sharing accounts and calendars. And fully two-thirds of couples share passwords. 




10% of internet users who are married have say that the internet has had a “major impact” on their relationship 

– 17% say that it has had a “minor impact.”

-Fully 72% of married or committed online adults said the internet has “no real impact at all” on their partnership

I asked my parents how often they went on social networks and my father says he only checks his emails and my mother has the passwords to everything, As for my mom she has Facebook that she checks maybe 3 times a month and that my father has the passwords to everything as well. I’m pretty sure they range in the 72% of married adult that say the internet has no real impact on their partnership which is good!


2 thoughts on “Has Social Media Effected Relationships?

  1. Woah, knowing that 2/3 of couples share the same passwords is kind of scary. I know there should be mutual trust and whatnot, but i think that crosses the line. To me, it clearly shows that one or both people in the relationship don’t trust each other and the foundation of a relationship is trust. The older generation might not use social media as much as the newer generation, so i feel like it’s more of a problem with the newer generation. I have noticed when couples are on dinner dates, outings or whatever, they sometimes are more attentive to their phones on their media accounts rather their partners. It definitely helps with long distant relationships since people can know Skype or FaceTime their partners but sometimes it can be too much.


  2. Ashley,

    I also wrote something similar in terms of how social media has affected relationships harmfully. The facts that you have included within your post are similar to what I included in mine, though reading them again makes it even scarier! Reading that 17% of relationships have been impacted in a minor way is scary because even though 17% may not be that big of a number, it means that there are quite a few couples who are experiencing this negative impact. What solutions would you suggest can resolve social media’s effect on relationships?


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