Various ways social media has changed your brain!

I really enjoyed this video so much! It informed me about things ive never knew until now. It explains 5 ways social media changes your brain!

S U P P O S E D L E Y !

– 5% TO 10% of internet users cant control how much time they spend online.

– Brain scans show that these people have a similar impairment of those who are drug dependent. Its because when you’re on social media you get various rewards with very little effort and it makes it more addicting. For example, imagine yourself tweeting a funny tweet and all of a sudden it get 400 retweets and people compliment how funny your are. Or you post a photo of yourself and various people say how gorgeous or handsome you are! Technically, that didn’t take much effort to do , but you received all the compliments from your audience, it makes you want to keep doing it again and again.

– it also stated that you could get “PHANTOM VIBRATIONS SYDROME” which is when you think your phone vibrated, when in reality, it didn’t. 89% of test subjects say that that has happened to them at least twice every 2 weeks.

-Also the video stated that social media releases “DOPAMINE” in your body (the feel good chemical) it happens when you’re on social network and you’re ranting about your views as opposed to listening to someone else’s views. It increases when you have an audience watching too. For example , have you ever went on someone’s twitter and they tweet something funny and they get 1k retweets on it? That is what makes them feel good , so then they continue trying to be as funny as they can , and the funnier they are, the more fans they attract and the more dopamine gets released!



One thought on “Various ways social media has changed your brain!

  1. Woah really cool video!! THis is also a little scary to be honest. To think how much we have been affected by social media and how its really caused our minds to change somewhat. I know I feel less productive these days because I constantly want to be on Twitter or Instagram. So this is a little concerning but there is definitely truth in this

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