Numerous Ways Instagram Has Changed Our Society

1.Companies Use Instagram To Interact With Their Customers.

Companies use Instagram to communicate with their customers on many levels. Clever marketing strategies they use include Instagram exclusive content. By this I mean, many companies will share ‘behind the scene’ footage and claim it to be entirely exclusive to Instagram users, so they think they’re getting all the inside scoop – it’s brilliant. Other retailers and companies use a strategy in which they stream live real time footage at events.

2. We Can All Be Professional Photographers

Instagram gives users all over the world the chance to turn their amateur image into something beautiful. The wide range of filters you can choose from really captures the moment and makes it memorable. Whilst we aren’t all actually pro photographers (although we wish we were) – Instagram gives that perceived image.

3.Rise of the Selfie

It’s no secret that Instagram has made the word selfie a world wide phenomenon , it was even awarded ‘Word Of The Year 2013′ by Oxford Dictionaries. In case you were still unaware, a selfie is – “A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smart phone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website”. There are currently an amazing 81 million photos on Instagram that have the #selfie included on them

4.Instagram is Influential

It influences various people. For example, when it comes to being healthy, various health and fitness profiles imfluence people to be healthy. These profiles post out aspirational images of the perfect bodies and recipe ideas that make us think WOW if I start eating all of this healthy stuff I could look like that!


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