No matter where I go. whether it’s the grocery store, the deli inside of an airport, or a mini mart inside the gas station, I always find myself stumbling upon magazines updating me about celebrities and their lives, Thanks to social media, celebrities have informed me about their REAL life situations besides the fabricated ones in the magazines. Social media such as twitter, Instagram, or even vine has helped celebrities inform their fans, such as myself, about their daily lives. Celebrities have let us in to their personal lives thanks to Instagram and twitter. For example, once Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé finally gave birth to their children North and Blue Ivy, they posted the baby pictures on Instagram for the whole to see. This has allowed us to get a little more personal with our favorite celebrities. Do you guy think that that this is a better way we can get info on our favorite celebrities besides reading different magazine articles about them? I definitely do! Or let’s say we want sit down, eat some popcorn and enjoy a nice twitter fight, we can simple go on their twitters and see what kind of beef is going on. For example, when drake and Tyga had drama, they posted all their business on twitter. Or let’s say we just want to know what our favorite celebs are doing or where that at right now. We can also look at their twitter. For example, for Rihanna’s birthday she went to Iceland and showed us pictures of her in her hot bikini, in a Jacuzzi smoking a blunt! In any event, I definitely think social media is a great place for celebrities to keep us connect with their lives. We get the REAL TRUTH! Do you like the fact that celebrities are getting closer with us on social media rather than the tabloids telling us what’s going on with them? Tell me what you think! Check out the article where I found this:

northblue ivy



  1. Ashley,

    To answer your question as to whether or not celebrities should continue to be personal with fans and other viewers through social media, my answer is that it should be up to the celebrities. I mean, obviously crazy, crazy fans who are obsessed with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, etc., are going to want to get an update on their lives whenever available, but personally, I don’t think it’s an obligation for celebrities to make it a point to share what is personal in their lives. I feel that this choice should be up to them, whether it be to prove magazine articles to be untrue or to just simply want to share with fans. I’ll admit, however, it is interesting and entertaining to see what celebrities are posting on social media.


  2. Hey Ashley,

    Interesting post. While I’m not someone that really cares much for following celebrities lives I think that you pose a good question. “Should celebrities be posting more about their lives on social media?” Honestly it’s really up to the celebrities in my opinion. For those celebrities who do really enjoy being in the spotlight and want to share their lives and moments with fans-such as Rihanna or Taylor Swift- social media is a great place for them to do that because its outlets that they can control. They control what goes up there and what people see and that’s good for them! But there are also plenty of celebrities who have social media but don’t really post that much which is totally fine as well because its what they want to do! But either way its certainly better than tabloids.

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  3. I agree with Lia that it should be left up to the celebrities. Personally, if it were me, I would want to keep my accounts private and avoid making my private life more public. Celebrities are already in the spotlight and it is probably nice to keep some things to yourself. On the other hand, celebrities need people to talk about them in order to stay relevant and maintain their high profiles. I think it’s definitely cool to follow celerities on social media, though. On Instagram and Twitter especially,it shows them in a new light. At the end of the day, they are people just like us who do silly things and have meals with family and go out with friends. It’s nice to be able to see that side and see life from their perspectives.

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