Kim K’s PDA

Some days we wonder how other people are doing in their relationships. Sometimes we wonder how celebrities are doing with their love life and if they’re still happy regardless of the annoying paparazzi snapping endless pics of everything they do.

Kim and Kanye have been showing some extreme PDA lately. The paparazzi has been snapping pictures of Kanye being extra touchy feely with Kim. In her latest episode of the endless series, “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, Kim explains to her younger sister, Khloe, that she’s been so exhausted lately due to how much sex her and Kanye are having. ” We’ve been having sex 500 time a day” she explains with exhaustion. She also explains how she and Kanye happier more than ever to be together.

.Kanye was even spotted feeling Kim's famous bottom

Kim then informs twitter about her new adventures with Kanye tweeting, ” So Lucky to have these fun new memories in Paris”. Kim and Kanye are in Paris for Fashion Week. In The photo above, displays rapper, Kanye and Tv Star, Kim Kardashian walking into an office building with Kanye’s hand on her ass. What do you think about this? Should celebrities keep their affection discrete? Do you appreciate the fact that Kim isn’t afraid to let millions of her viewers know about her sex life?

check out the article for more info about the powerful duo of 2015


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