Kim K’s Social Media Connections & How She Keeps Us Connected With Her Life.

It is no secret that Kim Kardashian is famous for just being famous. But how did she rise from a reality TV show to American Royalty in just 7 years? Aside from her infamous homemade movie. She used that as an outlet to turn an extremely traumatic situation to give her profits in return. Whoever said ‘money can’t buy you happiness’ obviously lied. After Kim made a sum of money from her tape, she built her own personal clothing, cosmetic, and housewares lines but most importantly also used social media to promote everything else she does.

From Instagram to Keek, the Kim has taken over the social media world one tweet at a time. And with Kim’s child (also accessory) from her husband Kanye West, another branding mogul was born. It wouldn’t be surprising if the new Kardashian-West got her own twitter account to track how many bottles they’ve consumed in a day or how many custom made Givenchy bibs she’s received from Uncle Riccardo Tisci. With over 10 million followers on Instagram, it is no secret that Kim Kardashian uses Instagram for just about everything. Instagram is a way to connect to fans, the world, and other businesses strictly through the means of photography. Although she Instagram pictures of nothing less than their fabulous lifestyle, Kim Kardashian is constantly promoting her family brands. Twitter is Kim’s favorite social media tool, and rightfully so. With the ability to reach across your fan-base in just seconds, you can send a tweet anywhere. Even when they are across the world, Kim Kardashian still tweets and maintains a relationship with their Twitter followers. Everyone including Kim Kardashian’s cat, Mercy, knows how to use Facebook. Facebook is a great way to link people back to your website.


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