How Lady Gaga uses Social Media to Connect with her Fans

Lady Gaga has decided to connect and interact with her fans around the world as well as sharing her music globally to satisfy us die hard gaga fans around the world. Interscope record label and Lady Gaga needed to find a way to centralize the promotion of her music and merchandise on a single platform and still allow her to be close with her fans. The US-based start up “Arktans”, (Technology powered by the  echo stream server, which enables building a real-time lifestream application which focuses on the end-user experience and innovation leaving real-time infrastructure to echo) managed to enable Interscope to pull-up every question and idea from her fans on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and websites so that way she can then pull out what’s important and respond to them on her website so that her fans feel closer to her. The addition of social streams and the ability to add comments and reply to posts enhance the social influence of the site dramatically. The technology from Arktan has enriched her brilliant website with real-time feeds of what her worldwide fans are talking about her and providing them something like a backstage access to directly interact with her all in real time. I think this is a smart way for her to interact with her fans. What do you think?

Lady Gaga Connecting With her Fans


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