North West the Most Viewed Baby on Social Media? HUH?

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and North for their Vogue photoshoot GIF

As if we don’t see the entire west family on every magazine, commercial and television series. Kanye West still wants us to see more.  Not of him and not a Kim, but of the famous little one-year-old North West. Kanye wants to create an Instagram account for her. Kanye feels that since Kim Kardashian broke the Internet, he wants to see if his own daughter can too. He wants to see if little North can own Instagram. Apparently,  the sources from and on the breakfast club interview, Kanye says that he wants his family to be on top of the world and he wants his family to be American royalty. Continuing with North, Kanye explains that he wants northwest to be the most followed child on social media ever. The entire family is everywhere, it’s like you can’t go a day without hearing or reading about them. I feel like we see and hear about them too much and exploiting North at such a tender age could be very harmful to her. They could cause her to have a complex or it could cause her to have pressure to be perfect or to look and act a certain way now that she’s being viewed, judged, and analyzed by so many people. Do you think that this is a smart idea? Do you think this excessive exploitation of North could be a bad thing? click the link below to read more

North West


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