Social Media Tips from Queen Kim

Kim Kardashian has decided to share her best social media practices with us, industry insiders and Technology journalist. Kim Kardashian undeniably qualifies as a social media expert. She has over 25 million Twitter followers and over 20 million Instagram followers, not to mention her Kim Kardashian app that made about $200 million alone this year. At the Code Mobile Conference, in Half Moon Bay, California, Kim Kardashian spoke with Cara Swisher. Their chat covered many things like; Kim being obsessed with blackberry and one day wanting to own it.

Here are some things that Kim shared with us:

She says she has a “three image rule” on Instagram. “In the same setting, I try not to do more than three pictures it over saturates my feed.” She explains.

On Twitter, it’s the best place for getting information. Whenever Kim needed to know what the best restaurants to eat at were, what outfit she looks good in, or one of the best places to travel, she would simply ask Twitter millions of her fans would give her tons of feedback. “Twitter is the best place for receiving opinion from others” she says.

As for technology Kim says she’ll always have a blackberry. “It’s my heart and soul I love it and I’ll never get rid of it I do have an iPhone and I use it for photos but if you write an email and you need to type fast I like having the keyboard they don’t even have them in stores anymore so I buy them on eBay it’s a BlackBerry bold and I like to have three in my room that I lined up in case they break.”


2 thoughts on “Social Media Tips from Queen Kim

  1. Hi, Ashley. I think is the first time I am visiting your blog but I loved when I clicked on to your page and seeing all the photos that represented each blog post. It was really visually appealing and reminded me of Buzzfeed a little bit. I also think this is an interesting post because I like Kim Kardashian and I feel like she thinks she is the social media queen. Some might not agree but the amount of followers she has tells a whole other story – 200 million. I think her alright, I think she could do better!


  2. I actually watch the show and remember seeing the episode of her getting ready for this interview! As a fan, I was nervous for her! Just because I feel that most people put her in this bubble of only being this gorgeous model, who got famous from a sex tape, and has nothing else to bring to the table beyond that. She is really educated and is a great business woman and I feel that this interview was the start of a new era for her to finally show that.


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