Kylie Jenner’s lips have literally capitulated into fame just like her family. It’s no secret that her lip size has doubled over the months. Their have been countless allegations regarding the fact that she received cosmetic surgery at the tender age of 17. Some people say it’s simply her makeup artist just over lining her lips with lip liner to give it us the illusion that she has big lips! Whatever the case maybe, social media has taken it upon themselves to make fun of the fact that her lips are to larger for her face. They call it the “#kyliejennerchallenge”. Basically the challenge is to get a small cup big enough to fit over your lips. Once the cup is over your lips, you suck the air inside the cup so that there is extreme suctioned pressure to lips. Once it’s done, you pull the cup from your lips and your lips become swollen and huge (like Kylie Jenner’s lips). view the video below

Its crazy how much Kylie Jenner’s lips have been talked about around the world. From countless amounts of videos to photos and meems about her, I can only imagine how bother she must feel about it. But wait? Can I give you my opinion? I honestly think she did get her lip done with out a doubt in my mind. Me, personally being a lover of makeup knows damn well that lip liner can not protrude the lips the way hers are. Not even lip plumper. I feel like because shes born into the family of girls who are famous for their looks, it puts pressure on her to be as beautiful as she can. I mean think about it, if you older sister was Kim Kardashian, I think you would feel a little pressure with looking perfect. At the end of day, we all must do whatever makes us happy, but now I totally think Kylie feels bad about her lips since everybody makes fun of them daily. What are your thoughts? Read below for more info



  1. Ashley, I also think she had to have some surgeries to make her lips bigger. Pictures really don’t like at all, and I don’t believe that she uses makeup to make her lips seem bigger. It’s kinda of awful that she had to do surgery on her lips (before 18), i feel like she should have waited.


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